Board Development Agency (Scotland)

There has never been a more challenging time for Scotland's housing associations. The Scottish Housing Regulator expects Governing Bodies to manage risks effectively and adhere to best practice good governance . Governing body members are required to review their effectiveness both individually and collectively, undergo an annual performance appraisal, attend training as necessary and effectively plan for the future recruitment of new members and office bearers.

We have an exciting range of services and training courses to help RSLs meet their governance aspirations - see our events page for full details.

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Improve your Governance join our Live Webinars for Busy Boards Members Tenants and Staff - avoid the cost and hassle of travel.

Click to see the programme of webinars. We are offering an e-learning subscription service for your organisation. The subscription service will mean that all your staff tenants and board members can join any webinar.

How do I access training for staff concerned with Governance?

The BDA's GO! Gold course is aimed at staff who support the Board and Governance. The course is taught over four 1 day sessions and candidates will have to complete coursework to gain the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) Certificate. Furthermore, successful completion of The Governance Officers Leadership Programme provides eligibility for Associate membership and the institute of Leadership & Management.

How on earth am I supposed to carry out an annual appraisal for my governing body members? They are volunteers and some of them will run a mile!

An appraisal should be an 'affirming' process, where the individual's strengths are built on. BDA have a mentoring approach and we will meet individually and help governing body members achieve their ambitions.

I'm a new Board Member - I haven't got a clue what I'm supposed to be doing!

Being a new governing body member can be a daunting experience. Most organisations provide a thorough induction for new members, however, in our experience Governance is rarely covered.

My colleagues have asked if I want to stand for Chair - how can I find out more about what's involved?

Our Effective Chairing Leadership is for those either in the role or about to be. As well as the technical aspects of the role, we examine leadership and discuss what makes a good leader, how to run effective meetings and much more.

BDA is a national UK-wide consultancy and training firm specialising in Housing Association governance. For further information about the BDA please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Board Development Agency was formed in 2004 and has been providing excellent consultancy and training work in governance ever since.