Coaching & Training For Board Members and Staff

Our coaching and training changes the way teams work. Effective team leadership requires many skills. The coaching method is essential to leadership or change management.


You get first class training, or as we prefer to say "education", for board members, chairs, customers and staff (including governance officers) that empowers.

Quality assured programmes accredited or endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) vocationally assessed awards.

Feedback tells us our training changes what people do. They not only enjoy our training they believe they have learnt something valuable that will help them in their roles.

Board Members and Chairs

Programmes delivered externally or in house tailored for your outcomes:

- New board members hit the ground running and are effective board members with our Induction Training

• Chairs hone their board leadership skills for the social housing sector with our Chairs Masterclass events

• Board members "get" finance after our Finance for Non Financially Qualified Board members

• Boards understand how governance and expectations of boards has changed after our Modern Governance session

• Staff and Boards understand how to keep the regulator satisfied with our How to avoid regulatory downgrade training

• Learn how to make Audit challenge and scrutinise risk and financial performance with our Audit committee training

• Boards make better decisions after our Forensic Questioning training

• Solve your repair problems for good using Lean thinking learnt in our Lean Repairs Workshop

• Change your organisation from good to great with our PRAGMATIC PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND COACHING COURSE

• Get up to date on working with diverse people and communities with our equality and diversity training across the protected characteristics

• Understand how to deal with complaints in a resolution focused way after our Complaints resolution training

• Customers get the service they need and staff are happier after our Customer Service not Customer Care training

Our training programmes are offered at fees you can afford. For up to date costs or to book please contact

Customers add value with Training and Development

Customers save organisations money and improve processes. Harness this power with effective engagement, board membership scrutiny panels and consultation.

Equip your customers with the knowledge, skills and information to participate in improving your organisation with:

• Resident scrutiny training

• Mystery Shopping and Customer inspections

• Customers and complaints resolution

• Effective board membership

"It's the best training we have ever had" Julian Kelly, Partnership Development Officer, East North East Homes in Leeds. This was designed especially for them and delivered in house.

"The Panel thoroughly enjoyed all the advanced scrutiny training that you did with them and I hope to work with you again in the future." Jess Hyland, Scrutiny Officer, Boston Mayflower August 2015.

Our training programmes are offered at fees you can afford. For up to date costs or to book please contact


Governance Officers

The role of the Governance Officer and Company Secretary is very important within any organisation.

Governance Officers benefit from BDA's education and development programmes as these enhance skills and experience as they learn from others. We are the only organisation that specialises in a governance officer only course, which is endorsed through the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

The Governance Officers Leadership Award (Go Gold)

Go Gold is an 8 module Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) endorsed programme designed especially for the needs of Governance officers in housing and voluntary organisations. This award is run over two consecutive days or through distance learning. This powerful development programme covers everything a Governance Officer needs to know including:

• The Legal and Company Secretarial duties

• Regulation and operational matters

• Developing Good Governance Frameworks

• Developing Governance Excellence

Our training programmes are offered at fees you can afford. For up to date costs or to book please contact


Junior Governance Support Officer training. 


Are you (or one of your staff) new to the role, not sure why you do some of the things you do or don't feel confident to speak out with the Exec or Board members? Whether you want to feel more confident in your current role, or you are new to the role, this program gives you the skills you need to excel. Then this course if for you. It gives you the skills you need to shine in your role. It covers:


1  The background to governance in the sector

2  Essential meeting skills; the elements of a good board meeting

3  Developing Governance Officer skills


For more details or to register your interest contact: Dr Alice Pearce



Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity should be embedded in everything that you do.

To help you we are now offering a new Institute of Leadership and Management level 4 Award programme: Managing Equality and Diversity in an Organisation.

In this programme you will explore the nature and origins of personal values, beliefs, attitudes and prejudices, and the impact that this can have on workplace behaviour and in so doing develop an understanding of the participants' role and responsibility in the valuing and managing of diversity.

Participants will:

• Examine the type of culture within the organisation in relation to equality and diversity

• Explain the development activities necessary to implement equality and diversity actions relevant to own specific functional area

• Explain how they will manage equality and diversity on an ongoing basis in own functional area

Outcomes for you:

• Equality and diversity defined

• Understanding diversity and its impact on the organisation

• How legislation affects individuals, organisational policies and procedures

• Insight into personal values, beliefs, attitudes and prejudice

• An understanding of how language impacts on diversity

• Case studies on all aspects of the protected characteristics

• Examination of the organisation / team in relation to diversity

• Business diversity action planning

• Examples of good practice in equality and diversity

Our training programmes are offered at fees you can afford. For up to date costs or to book please contact

Performance Management Staff


Using the latest thinking from the world of performance management.

Have you ever wondered why your performance measures fail to be meaningful or fall short in driving performance improvement? Well you're not alone. Many organisations struggle to measure effectively the things that matter most in their business.

These organisations are now realising that designing scorecards and performance indicators is harder than it seems and that's because there's a science to it. Our one-day workshop will take you through our fail-proof 5-step guide to designing a fit for purpose scorecard which not only makes sense but really drives performance throughout your business. Delegates will use their own organisations to apply 'real-life' learning of the techniques.

As a result of the workshop you will:

• Understand the origin of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) developed by Kaplan and Norton

• Understand the true purpose of the BSC

• Learn how to design from scratch a BSC using our 5 step process

This training is ideal for performance management staff, heads of service and those responsible for organisational performance.

All training is delivered at the clients premises unless by alternative arrangement.

Our training programmes are offered at fees you can afford. For up to date costs or to book please contact