Electronic Governance

It's coming! More and more Boards are going electronic and it will quickly become the norm. 

There are loads of benefits and new things you can do if you are fully electronic:

  • You save a massive amount of paper, once you can show people how to annote a PDF, and wean people off having both (a common step in the changeover).
  • You can start giving the Board well written Executive Summaries which do tell the story, and post the full report 'on line'.
  • You can stop giving the Board items for information - leave them on the agenda with a code to show their importance (1- you must read this 2- it may be useful for you to read this 3 - you may find this of interest) and a link to them.
  • Members no longer need a filiing cabinet at home to store everything.

This is no excuse for not reducing the information Boards get though. We still see lots of unnecessary content going to Boards. 

For a new and independent take on your Board Information practices we run a confidential 'Board Paper Filleting' service where you can send us your last 3 sets of Board and Commitee Papers for us to report back on in terms of their content; or we can come in and train your own Governance team how to 'fillet' a set of Board Papers.

Some governance officers have suggested that a video conferencing system to include someone that cannot attend due to weather, distance or diary clash, this is still is a dream in the road to e governance for many public sector organisations.  We would be pleased to have your views on this. 

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