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Understanding Blockchain : distributed ledger technology

This could revolutionise the way organisations are run but few understand how it works. See this UK Government video which helps to explain it

What are the implications for housing ? We need to have this debate but it seems to me that it could

1 speed up  government departments' payment of Universal Credit and Housing Benefit ;

2  help with procurement and contract management  and

3 help with asset sales and purchases

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The Corporate Governance Green Paper

The government is consulting on its corpoirate governance green paper.  It will close in three months’ time, in February.  It discusses Executive pay; Strengthening the employee, customer and supplier voice; and Corporate governance in the UK’s largest privately held businesses.

It is consulting about whether there should be employee representation on boards.  It  also includes questions about diversity on boards . The consultation refers to reviews of gender and ethnic diversity on boards,. It asks about the role of remuneration committees. "It is important that remuneration committees are advised by and have a greater connection with the workforce, and that they should be less insular in their approach."  Says Greg Clark Secretary Of State For Business, Energy And Industrial Strategy. 

Its never been easier to learn : the oustanding benefits of E-learning webinars

Compared to traditional forms of training E-Learning delivers a consistent approach to skills and knowledge acquisition  and  reduces your organisation’s training costs.

Our e-learning live interactive webinars :

  • Are one hour long at roughly weekly intervals for 40 weeks of the year
  • Keep your governing body and staff up-to-date with the latest developments and initiatives
  • Ensure your board  are equipped to lead the organisation
  • Make it easy to provide training and development after annual reviews
  • Are easy to evaluate the impact of training

Finance for Non Financial Experts

Financial information can seem daunting to the new inexperienced non-financial expert. This need not be the case. You can learn what to ask and how question and take advice when you need to on matters financial. It’s what you do with your own finances - you just need to learn the jargon and conventions so you can:

  • read budgets and accounts to know if the annual accounts properly reflect the true state of affairs
  • interpret financial reports and advice
  • challenge professional advisers entrusted with property and financial matters

Achieve Service Improvement Sustainably Learn How to Save Money and Maximise Income with Process Mapping 1-day workshop (ISO 9001)

Maximising income is the top task for organisations today. On way to do this is more effective void management and asset management. Solve your void problems for good, using process mapping and lean thinking!

Asset management is a huge area for registered providers and local authorities to get a firm grip on. For many organisations it costs millions every year and absorbs countless hours of your staff time. It is also the most important issue for tenants after paying their rent.

We all know managing our empty properties is a significant part of both asset management and maintaining income. It’s one of our key business processes and yet many organisations still struggle to achieve the levels of performance they want.

Developing an Effective Balanced Scorecard

Many board members ask us – what is a balanced scorecard?

Many housing organisations and businesses use this approach to performance management since it was developed by Kaplan and Norton.

Organisations need to develop their own balanced scorecard for ‘real-life’ relevant and effective performance management.

Understanding Landlords' Performance

Many board members tenants and staff don't understand what the purpose of performance management is.

Simply, it is to achieve the company’s strategy and deliver operations but how do you effectively present and interrogate landlords performance?

Important questions for the board and scrutiny panel to ask are:

  1. Are you assured your strategic objectives are covered by key performance indicators?
  2. Have you identified (and mapped) your key business processes and assigned Performance Indicators accordingly?
  3. How does your organisation achieve sustainable improvement?

Autumn Board Away Day Start Planning Now

Does your board engage effectively in developing strategy? If the answer is “no or partly” you are not alone many organisations have limited engagement?

This is not just a problem for housing: in 2011 a McKinsey survey of large commercial corporations found, only 10 percent of the directors felt that they fully understood the industry dynamics in which their companies operated. As a result, only 21 percent of them claimed to have a completeunderstanding of the current strategy. One likely reason is an expertise gap another is time and commitment.

A related finding was that 44 percent of directors said their boards simply reviewed and approved management’s proposed strategies.

Essential for Good Governance: Get an Independent Perspective

Having run Board Appraisal (whole Board and individual members) programmes across the UK for 10 years, we at the BDA have tried every appraisal scheme going and know what has worked well in Board Reviews. 

It’s obvious to us that an ‘off the shelf’ programme is not the way to go, so we make sure we work with you to establish a Board Review which has a mentoring approach rather than a judgemental one. We also link it to your business plan to ensure that we can help you judge members strengths against the business plan for success against the regulatory frameworks and codes of governance in the UK and the Code of Practice.


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