Funders to Observe Board Meetings for Assurance

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If the Funders are going to be watching you work!

Get our Validation or action plan first.

With Tony Oakley, head of social housing at Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, warning that the impact of the 1% rent cut and the wider welfare reform agenda was creating 'headwinds' which associations will need to show they are mitigating; he warned the increasingly uncertain operating environment will force lenders to become “even more rigorous” in assessing housing association businesses.

“For example, it’s not outside the realms of possibility that lenders may begin to request attendance at board meetings, in order to enhance our understanding of an organisation and its capabilities,” he said.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so make sure its going to be a good one. With our expert and unique way of running our Board Observation exercise you will get a full report back which will focus on:

  • the contribution of each member
  • the quality of contributions
  • the quality and usefulness of the Board Reports
  • the style of Governance being deployed
  • the use of time in the Boardroom

This will help you prepare for a visit by your funders by proving your effectiveness or showing you how to improve, as well as giving your Board the opportunity to look at itself from a completely different angle. 

To Book your Observation Exercise or to find out how we do it, call Hugh Laird on 01684 291001 or email us at

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