School Leaders Webinars

Top Performing Head Teachers Need A Top Governing Body And Senior Leadership Team!

A great team does not happen by accident; it's education and training that makes the difference. We know schools and academies have huge financial pressures, and sending governors, trustees and senior leaders on courses is often too expensive and time consuming for the busy governor, trustee or school leader.

Low cost, hour long Webinars designed especially for school leaders and governing bodies

We at the Board Development Agency have perfected the e-learning webinar over the last 3 years. From the comfort of your home or office and at a convenient time you can join live webinars or playback recorded ones. This means you, your staff and Governors get the following benefits:

• Expert presentations

• Low cost, powerful learning – only £250 per programme, that’s £15.60 per session for as many people as you like to join in your school

• 16 fortnightly interactive one hour learning sessions on Thursdays 12.30-1.30pm

• Our playback service so no-one need miss a session

• Accessible with a good internet signal

• Sustainable learning - no travel to venues for participants sessions to boost your knowledge and skills

• Flexible responsive learning as additional webinars may be added to the programme if new and pressing issues emerge

Act now and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Make sure your school does not miss out on this e-learning service in the new school year.

Remember subscription means anyone in your school or academy can access live interactive sessions in their lunchtimes and playback in their own home at their convenience.

Programme Schedule

Thursday 22 Sep 2016
Role of the Governing Body in SAT/MAT/School

Thursday  6 Oct 2016
Delegation and Accountability in a SAT/MAT/School

Thursday 20 Oct 2016
The Duties of governing body members

Thursday  3 Nov 2016
What is in the Code of Governance? What does the DfES Governance Handbook say?

Thursday 16 Nov 2016
What does a Code of Conduct cover?

Thursday  1 Dec 2016
What do Governing Body Members need to know about Health and Safety?

Thursday 15 Dec 2016
Data Protection and Confidentiality. What the Governing Body needs to know and understand

Thursday 12 Jan 2017
Understanding Schools Performance

Thursday 26 Jan 2017
The Governors role in Complaints Resolution

Thursday  9 Feb 2017
Governing Bodies Role in employment grievance and disciplinary hearings

Thursday 23 Feb 2017
Board Effectiveness Reviews and why these are important

Thursday  9 Mar 2017
Commissioning and procurement for Governing Body Members

Thursday 23 Mar 2017
An Introduction to Schools Finance for Non Financially Qualified Governing Body Members

Thursday  6 Apr 2017
The Eight Flaws to Governance as we know it (and the solutions!)

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