Time To Fight For The Diversity of Provision of Low Cost Rented Housing?

The awful worry now that Housing Associations have seemingly lost the respect of the Government is that there will be a massive drop in the number and type of housing associations due to mergers.

The beauty of the number and range of independent associations has been its strength from this very diversity, and we think to lose this is simply too high a price to pay.

Merger needs to be at the end of a very long list of options, and this is where great Governance comes to the fore in coming up with these options, ideas and concepts.  Business Diversification is one route to replacing lost income, but this means it would be time for local solutions by local people, something these giant Associations who collapse their governance structures and centralise everything, will struggle to do.

The business innovation route will also force Boards to become more commercial, with the right skills mix driving a lean business with the right products, marketing and sales skills

It's time to Thrive, not merely Survive !