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At Home With Performance Reports - A Customers Guide

Guide under review

The aim of the guide is to help tenants fully understand and question the information presented to them.

At Home with Performance Reports helps not only tenants, but board members and staff, become un-fazed by graphs and jargon. It provides a series of questions to ask when considering performance reports and shows some of the pitfalls of graphs, tables and statistics.

Governance Handbook

Handbook under review

Save time and money by using this template to produce a good governance guide and handbook for your organisation. This is essential for board staff and tenants.

The template allows you to incorporate your own organisational information such as your rules, memorandum and articles, adopted code of governance and other key policies. Customise our templates for your own use.

Resident Scrutiny Toolkit

Toolkit under review

Our seminal Resident Scrutiny Toolkit has been used by many housing associations as the template for how to set up a resident scrutiny panel since it was first published in 2009. It has been updated to take account of changes in regulation commencing 1st April 2012.

Guide to Talent Spotting

Guide under review

BDA has produced the Guide to Talent Spotting - How To Recruit More Tenants Into Involvement.

The guide helps landlords ensure effective co regulation with tenants at the heart of governance.

A Guide to Co Regulation

Guide under review

The aim of the Guide To Co Regulation is to help the board tenants and staff understand what this is and how the concept has developed.

Guide To Value for Money Strategy Guide

Guide under review

We are now in a new era in where all organisations need to demonstrate Value for Money.

The guide discusses the new definition of Value for Money which has moved on from the previous focus on economy efficiency and effectiveness. It discusses what "social value", economic and environmental well-being, mean for Value for Money.